Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Letter

I send out the first round of Christmas cards and am now waiting for more pictures to be copied. Phew, it's a big job sending out these annual letters. So here is a preview of our letter. Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful month of December.

2008 Smith Post Year Report
Here we are at the end of 2008 with exciting news to report concerning the Smith family. Our year end family stats have just been released, and we are proud to announce them to you.
Introducing our starting line-up is the Mom and Assistant Coach, Krista. She spent the year working at Travis Pattern in her spare time. At the peak of the season her job was the transportation and support coordinator for the up and coming athletes, Hayden and Cooper. In the off season she loves teaching Sunday School at Lifecenter North and relaxing at home with her family when she is not in her car.
Head Coach and Dad, Guy, played out his 10th season at Rock Placing Company. He is blessed with a career that he enjoys, and has a long term contract to stay. During his year he managed to be Assistant Coach (AKA Juice Box Boy) to Hayden’s summer softball team and head cheerleader during Cooper’s baseball season.
Guy and Krista were able to sneak away with out the team in September. Chicago was a blast . Good friends, a Cub’s game and fun times. Guy then headed to Ohio on official coaching business. He scouted out all his loved ones and put them on his “All Star Family” roster.
Hayden started her season by turning into a teenager. She is blossoming into a great prospect. She is 5’6”, wears a size 10 shoe, and has a vertical leap of faith that is immeasurable. At Northwest Christian she loves her 8th grade classes and great friends. Hayden played on NWC’s volleyball team and also on the Jaguars Club volleyball. Her softball team “The Naked Mole Rats”, placed 1st in the summer league. She was drafted this summer to play for the “Spokane Dawgs” softball team in 2009. God has gifted us with this amazing family teammate.
In the home stretch we have our youngest player, Cooper Lee. Baseball, baseball, baseball, that pretty much sums him up. He began the year as an outfielder for the “Rock Placing Company”, then found his niche as catcher for the Major’s Rockies. He battled at tryouts and was excited to become a “Mead Major’s All Star”. In Fall ball as a “Pickle”, he fine tuned his skills and had a fun time. Now during his off season he is enjoying playing with his dog Ozzy, not cleaning his room, and trying out basketball this winter. At Colbert Elementary he was elected Student Council president and is very excited to be a 6th grader. In the parent’s poll he was ranked as the #1 son of the year.
Through he wins and losses of the year the Smith’s consider 2008 a successful season. Thanks in part to our devoted family and fans. May you all be blessed in the game of life through Jesus.

From our huddle to yours,
Guy, Krista, Hayden, and Cooper Smith

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