Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Nanny and Pat's house. It was very relaxing and the company was wonderful. Skype allowed us to talk to and see Grandma and Papa and also the Reese's in Payette. Fun suprise to get to talk to Joseph too.
Mac and Andre had constant attention from Shae and Shane as well as Hayden and Cooper's buddies the Benzmiller's. The pictures I have were taken by the kids so you can imagine their crazy faces.
The barn pictures were taken on Thanksgiving day. It is so shocking to come home and see how quickly it is coming together.Hayden spent the night with Shae so they could get up early to shop. Crazy girls. The boys did the opposite, Cooper and Shane stayed up most of the night playing video games. Crazy boys.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The next two posts wouldn't let me write anything along with them. The Blog and I seem to have a love/hate relationship. It never seems to do what I want it to, nor do I know how to do what it wants me to do.
My sister took some great pictures of Hayden's adventures at State B volleball. She and the kids met up with us in Yakima, WA for some volleyball entertainment. Northwest Christian ended up taking 2nd in State! It set a record for the school and we were so thankful that Hayden was asked to be a part of the team.
The next post is the latest pictures of the barn. Tomorrow, 11/25/2009, the tar paper will be put on the roof and then next week the tin roof will be put on. It has changed so much these last few weeks I can hardly believe it.
Tonight we were able to talk to Erica and Chris on Skype! It was so cool to get to see their faces as we talked to them. We are so excited to announce that they are pregnant and expecting their 1st baby next July!!
In a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Whether you are are near or far, we think of you often and are so very thankful for having you in our lives.

Facebook | Jenny Carnegie's Photos - NWC Volleyball

Facebook Jenny Carnegie's Photos - NWC Volleyball

The Barn

The french doors that go out to the patio.
The windows....duh, like they need a caption.

The covered porch where Grandma will park.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smith family Barn

Groundbreaking August 2009
The beginning of the rock wall.

All ready for the foundation.

The first walls going up.

1st wall of the 2nd story.

How it looks today 11/08/2009.
Uncle Larry, here you go! I know Sarah will let you know that I FINALLY put up the pictures of the barn for you. Thanks for your patience....Ron and Mary leave for Mexico the end of the week. Hate to think about them being gone for the winter, we miss them so much. I will try to do a better job of putting pictures up as I know they will want to see how their place is looking too.
Hayden's volleyball team made it to State! We will head out this weekend to root them on. I hope to have pictures of the team with a trophy on our next post.