Monday, November 24, 2008


Guy and I came home last night from Bible study with a big suprise from the kids. While we were gone they had set the table beautifully for our family of four. The candles were lit throughout the house (that might freak a few people out) and Hayden and Cooper were beaming as we walked through the door. The soup I had prepared earlier was hot on the stove, our places had been set. Can we get any luckier?
We sat down to our meal, still sort of in shock that the kids went out of their way for us. We held hands and prayed. Guy thanked God for all that we are blessed with, especially for our family. While we ate we went around the table each person taking turns to list something that we were thankful for, here is a portion of what we came up with.
1. Ozzy, our wonderful dog
2. Ronny T our crazy cat
3. our house
4. food
5. Aunt, Uncles, Cousins,Grandparents, siblings
6. that Hanna and Hayden met at kindergarten round up
7. getting to sleep in
8. great friends
9. getting to sleep in this weekend (did I already mention that?)
10. our jobs
11.playing sports
There were many more things that we talked about that night and as I sit here typing I am still in awe of the things we came up with. I really wish I would have said that I am thankful for Blogs and Facebook because I LOVE being able to stay connected with all of you. So this Thanksgiving please know that we are thankful to know you and are honored to call you friends and family.


Chaffin Family said...

I didn't even get to the list of things and I was already crying. Your children are such a blessing what a simple act that meant so much. That is what the holidays are all about.

The gifts are fun but the simple acts of love and kindness are what it is really about.

The tears flowed harder when I say that you guys were thankful that Hanna and Hayden had met in kindergarten round up. We are thankful of the gift God has given us in your whole family.

I called Hayden and told her how proud I was of her and told her to tell Coop the same thing.

Love the Chaffin's

Party of 5 said...

What a sweet gesture by your kids.....and a great conversation too! Awesome family you have krista!
have a blessed thanksgiving!
love, c

blended by grace said...

Happy Thanksgiving Krista,

Your kids are so sweet! I love that they went to so much effort to do something special for you guys.

Our family has a tradition every Thanksgiving to share something we're thankful for at the dinner table. It's my favorite part of the holiday and the tissues are always handy!


laura bacon said...

What a special gift!! Your list shows the beautiful way you are raising your family. There's not a cell phone or car or TV on the list!! : )

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

God Bless,

Laura Bacon

Lynner said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this on the blog. I forget about it as I check out facebook first. Wow, it made Nanny cry, it was so beautiful, and so special. This is what our family holidays are all about.Paco and Nanny just love you all so much. We are so proud of Hayden and Cooper for doing all they did for you for dinner. You guys have awesome children. We love you so much, Paco and Nanny