Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October is Lupus Awareness month

Facebook Krista Reese Smith

October is Lupus Awareness month, at least I think it is, some websites say October some say May. I thought I would post a few videos that I found on you tube that help people to understand this disease. I was diagnosed in May with an autoimmune disease. They gave me a list of names to my diagnosis Sjogrens, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Mixed connective tissue disorder. They are all very closely related, many of the symptoms are grouped together in each disease. Since I am still learning about all of this I thought some of you might want to learn too. You may not be as nerdy as me though. I definately think I should have become a nurse, maybe God gave me all these mutant genes so I could let my "inner" nurse out. I would LOVE for there to be a cure someday for this, that is why I am all about spreading awareness. This video is about 6 minutes long but it is full of good information. It is on my facebook page, just click on my name and it should take you to it. I think....never posted like this before.


Smith Family said...

Here is the link to the video if you couldn't access it on facebook. It is

Lynner said...

Great video on Lupus Krista. We both learned alot. It still is unbelievable that you have this disease. No family history. You are our rock!! You have been given such tough things to deal with at such a young age and you are awesome.Paco and I love you so much and pray every day for a cure and for your day to be easier and better. We love you, Nanny and Paco

Chaffin Family said...

KJ thanks for putting the link in your comments. I tried to go on facebook but I don't have an account so it didn't work. that was a great Video and I guess I had no Idea how serious this was. Thank you for sharing and the inner nurse may help some people. Love you the other KJ