Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sport's updates

Here's the run down from our weekend.

Cooper had a double header. He played great,had some great throw outs as catcher. He plays again next Saturday in the final tournament.

Hayden's volleyball team had two exciting matches. They are in 3rd place and played against the top 2 teams in their league. They had to go to a 3rd game with the 2nd place team and lost by 4 points. Then in the next game they lost the first match 20-25, and the next match 23-25. This was to an undefeated team so it was quite exciting.

Today was Hayden's final tournament for Fall Softball league. They played really well, but lost their 3rd game in the Silver medal division. Hayden hit a homerun today!! Way to go sissy!

We are very tired after our weekend. It was also quite cold. Although we love to watch the kids, we are looking forward to a bit of a break and the chance to SLEEP IN on the weekends.

A big thank you to Hayden and Cooper's fans for coming to watch them play this Fall, it sure means alot to them!!


Chaffin Family said...

Way to go Hayden. Nice job on the home run

Party of 5 said...

Nice job kiddo's! Way to go....
Now you can enjoy those crisp fall mornings from your couch!

Lynner said...

Awesome fall games for both of you. Paco and Nanny loved it all with both of you. Keep up the action and fun. We will be there. we love you so much, Nanny and Paco