Monday, September 22, 2008

Chicago- A weekend of "First's"

Our trip to Chicago was perfect. Great company, perfect weather, awesome food, and lots of fun. The cab rides On Saturday night after singing at the top's of our lungs to eighties hits in a bar on Rush street we took a cab back to the condo. Scott told the driver that Guy was from Nome, Alaska and he was a helicopter guide that took people out to hunt for Polar bears and penguins. Guy used his best New York accent to describe in detail how he flies his "copter". This was at 1:00am after a "few" drinks.

We went on an Architecture Tour of the city by boat. It was so beautiful. We left at dusk so we were able to see the buildings at day and at night with all their lights on. This was a highlight of our trip. We learned a lot of facts about the city and each building that we passed by. The new Trump Tower is quite impressive.

First time that I have seen my cousin Lizzy pregnant! Isn't she cute. She lives with her husband Dave in Chicago. She was able to come to lunch with us and walk around the city a little bit. Thank you Lizzy for taking the time to see me.

First time to see a real Olympic Gold medal. We were at Wrigley field to watch a Cub's game.The women's USA soccer team was there to show their medals to the crowds. They walked right by me and I could have reach out and touched the medal. Very cool.

We had unbelievable seats for the game. Right behind home plate. The game could have been a bit better, but it was still great even though the Cardinals beat the Cub's. This is one of Cooper's favorite players.

First time to Wrigley field. This was so cool. The atmosphere outside the park was spicy, can't think of a better word to describe it. I couldn't take my eyes off all the fans waiting to watch their team. It is really fun to be in a city where the people LOVE their teams.

What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago!

First time to be in a "Coach" store. I can probably guess correctly and say it was the first time that anyone has witnessed a man in a camouflage jacket trying out a purse. I could be wrong....but I doubt it. As we entered the store the saleslady asked "Are you here for the event?" Kim and I say "Yes... as a matter of fact we are." While Guy and Scott say, " We are the event!" We were pampered with champagne, truffles, and cute little coach water bottles. Kim bought a very cute little purse while Scott silently paced.

First time to ride on a ginormous Ferris Wheel and see the view of the city. Sorry it is a bit blurry but we are moving a tiny bit. Either that or Kim's tears are fogging up the glass. Which comes to another first. Guy made Kim cry. Yes, he really did. He didn't realize how scared she was and couldn't stop with the joking. He asked the ticket agent how many people had died and told Kim they took our picture before we got on so that they could ID our bodies. That is what friends are for right, to scare the @#*% out of you!

There are so many more pictures I would love to post but I am missing the Season premier of Dancing with the Stars. A girl has to have her priorities you know. Have an awesome week.


chaffin said...

That is a better view then I had because I had tears and my eye were closed part of the time. Bad Guy

The Dillers liked the video of Guy singing love shack on my blog. they said they are having dinner with him tonight. Tanner is Guys biggest fan after watching the video.

Not sure when the picture was taken of my honey sitting on guys lap. thankful what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago. Love ya KJ

Raike said...
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Lynner said...

Wow, great pics and we loved all the memories and stories. We are so glad you guys had such a fun trip with your great friends and ours, "Scott and Kim". The cab drive at 1am sounded awesome. I would love to hear Guy tell that story again. Now, back to Dancing with the Stars!!! We love you guys and will see you this weekend. Love, mama and Paco

Party of 5 said...

looks like it was so fun Krista!!! Did you buy the 'coach' for Guy for christmas???? :)

Killer B's said...

I didn't know Guy was a gay, coach wearing, polar bear hunting guide from Nome. Sounds like you had a good time. Jas