Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh My how you've grown! First day of school 2008

It was a beautiful first week of school. The kids are adjusting to getting up early and having homework, it is only the first few weeks though. I know as soon as it gets cold it will be harder and harder to wake them up. Cooper started Fall baseball and will have double headers every Saturday. Hayden is playing Softball and her double headers are on Sundays. Hayden is also playing school volleyball and we found out today that her games will be on Saturdays. Hmmm.... How to be in 3 places at once? The kids love their activities and we LOVE to watch them play. Hard to believe in 5 short years Hayden will be a Senior, wow has time flown.
Crystal is continuing to improve. She is eating and talking. She is at about 80%, it will still be a while before we know the total extent of her brain trauma. Thank you for your prayers for her!
Guy and I will be heading to Chicago next week with our friends the Chaffin's. We are so excited to visit the "Windy city". We have tickets to a Cub's game and have plans to eat, sight see, eat, and probably eat some more. I will head home but Guy is going to fly to Ohio and spend the next week with the Smith clan. He can't wait to hang out with his family!


chaffin said...

The chaffin's are excited!!! We have a new magic trick to show you in chicago. We can't wait to spend time with you.

Party of 5 said...

Great first day of school pix! Is hayden at mountain view or northwood???
have a blast in Chicago. It is a really fun city although I wouldn't recommend the tour of the sears tower. Its a little boring.

Smith Family said...

Hayden is actually a 8 grader at North West Christian!

gayle-terry said...

Wow, they look great. I love Hayden's hair.

Love you, Gigi and Bopo

The Diller Family said...

You guys are looking great! We can't wait to see Guy in just a little over a week! We are all looking forward to spending time with him! Have a GREAT time in's one of my FAVORITE cities! You will love it!

Lynner said...

Hi, Hayden and Cooper look great. Nanny finally had time to catch up on the family blogs. Fun time last night having the kids here and Ed,Tine and Mac.Glad you both had a fun date night. Have a great time in CHICAGO!!!We head to L.A. for Paco's 40th high school reunion. Cannot wait.Fun weekend with BB games for watching Hayden and Coop.Love you all, Nanny and Paco