Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hayden Lynn-Home run Hitter

Since my photographer was the one running the bases I will have to catch the next home run on film. Hayden hit a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN last night at her softball game. WOW! We are so proud of her and the whole Naked Mole Rat team. No that is not a typo, that is their team name. Teenage girls are so creative!?!? They ended up winning 32-2, a bit of a landslide victory for the Rats. Now they are undefeated! OK so they have only had 2 games and they won the first because the other team forfeited, but a win is still a win. Coach Chaffin and his sidekick Coach Smith are awesome coaches. We are very thankful for all that they are doing for the girls.

That is all I have to report for now, until the next Smith kid sports highlight. I am signing off!


chaff "4" said...

When she makes it big I will say I was there the day it all began. Way to go Hayden. I can't wait to see the next game. GO NAKED MOLE RATS!!!!

chaff "4" said...

Let's not forget what a great pitcher she is also!!!!!

Lynner said...

Great job sissy!!!wow, a grand slam home run!!!you are awesome as is your pitcher Hanna C.!!! Your team is awesome this year and we really love to watch you girls. Keep up the great games and have fun. we love you very much, Nanny and Paco