Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cooper is an All Star

This is the first time that Coop has been on an All Star team. To make the team, your team must vote for the top three kids they want to go ( Coop was one of the three), and they have to have a certain amout of votes from other couches ( Coop had that too!). Then the boys have to try out for the team and Cooper made it onto the Marjor's All Star team which is 11 and 12 year olds and Coop is 11! Way to go Cooper we are so proud of you! You are an All Star!


Lynner said...

Way to go Coop!!!Paco and Nanny are very proud of you buddy. It will be fun to watch your allstar games. Also, Hayden!!!Great game for you tonight. Wow!!!great hits and pitching and Yes!!! a home run with the bases loaded!!!!You kids are aresome and we love watching you play. Keep up the great games and fun. Love, Nanny and Paco

ABOUT US said...

Yeah. I was waiting for this news to hit the blog. Coop you rock!!! we are so proud of you. Have fun in this next adventure. We love you, Scott, Kim, Tanner and Hanna

Jenny said...

We are so proud of you Coop. By the way Uncle Jay likes the orange and black, maybe it's foreshadowing for when you play for the OSU Beavers. Can't wait to live closer so we can catch some of your games.

Love the Carnegie Crew