Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smith family Barn

Groundbreaking August 2009
The beginning of the rock wall.

All ready for the foundation.

The first walls going up.

1st wall of the 2nd story.

How it looks today 11/08/2009.
Uncle Larry, here you go! I know Sarah will let you know that I FINALLY put up the pictures of the barn for you. Thanks for your patience....Ron and Mary leave for Mexico the end of the week. Hate to think about them being gone for the winter, we miss them so much. I will try to do a better job of putting pictures up as I know they will want to see how their place is looking too.
Hayden's volleyball team made it to State! We will head out this weekend to root them on. I hope to have pictures of the team with a trophy on our next post.


Jenny said...

WOW! That looks amazing, can't wait to see it in person.

The Diller Family said...

So exciting! I too can't wait to see it in person! It's too late tonight to call, but I will let mom and dad know that they are up so they can look at them in the morning! Thanks Krista AND GOOD LUCK AT STATE! Woo Hoo! Wish I was there!

Lynner said...

Really cool pics of the barn!!! Looks even better in the daylight too.!!!!Congrats to Hayden and NWC for getting second at STATE!!!Way to go.