Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Basketball Champions

Mac is up WAY past his bedtime rooting on his Daddy's team.
Tine and Mac hamming it up for the camera.

Big Ed enjoying the limelight as a coach of a #1 team!

Nanny, Mom, Cooper and Hayden.

Cooper admiring his new bling.

Cooper, Nanny, Paco and Hayden.

Cooper and his coach.

Cooper's favorite picture so far...the final score.

Cooper's YMCA basketball team was undefeated this season, and to top it off they won the championship game and took 1st place in the league. My brother Ed was helping coach a 5th grade team so we were often at the courts together on Friday nights. His team also took 1st place for their division! Cooper was blessed to have his baseball coach also be his basketball coach. Cooper's words say it all, "The best coach I could ever have".

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Lynner said...

We had a blast watching Ed and his team win the championship game and get METALS!!! way to go.
Fun to watch Coop play and win the 6th grade championship game and get NUMBER 1!!!!!! Nice metal Coop. We love you, Nanny and Paco