Monday, November 24, 2008


Guy and I came home last night from Bible study with a big suprise from the kids. While we were gone they had set the table beautifully for our family of four. The candles were lit throughout the house (that might freak a few people out) and Hayden and Cooper were beaming as we walked through the door. The soup I had prepared earlier was hot on the stove, our places had been set. Can we get any luckier?
We sat down to our meal, still sort of in shock that the kids went out of their way for us. We held hands and prayed. Guy thanked God for all that we are blessed with, especially for our family. While we ate we went around the table each person taking turns to list something that we were thankful for, here is a portion of what we came up with.
1. Ozzy, our wonderful dog
2. Ronny T our crazy cat
3. our house
4. food
5. Aunt, Uncles, Cousins,Grandparents, siblings
6. that Hanna and Hayden met at kindergarten round up
7. getting to sleep in
8. great friends
9. getting to sleep in this weekend (did I already mention that?)
10. our jobs
11.playing sports
There were many more things that we talked about that night and as I sit here typing I am still in awe of the things we came up with. I really wish I would have said that I am thankful for Blogs and Facebook because I LOVE being able to stay connected with all of you. So this Thanksgiving please know that we are thankful to know you and are honored to call you friends and family.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Adam and Leah!

Today is our good friends birthday. Her name is Leah Kelly and we kind of adore her. I hope she has a wonderful time on her special day. Here is a picture of her and Hayden all dressed up to go to a youth group event at our church. She is the superhero on the left. Tomorrow is our nephew's 19th birthday. We love you Madman!

I haven't updated my blog since when???

Since I am NOT an early riser unless forced to for silly little things like taking children to school and going to my job, I rarely get to see something quite as beautiful as the sunrise. This photo does not give it justice but let me tell you it was so amazing. Maybe God will wake me up early on a day that I really need to know that He is always with me. It will be a reminder that He can handle anything that comes my way as long as I put my faith in Him. If you haven't seen a sunrise in a while I highly recommend it!

This is Halloween night right before we headed out for the evening to go trick or treating. Cooper decided to go as "Super Cooper" and Hayden was a pink, glittery, sparkly, goofy, teenage girl. Apparently she had already consumed enough candy to soften her up enough to allow Coop to kiss her cheek.

The next two pictures is what happens when the parents are NOT home. Not quite sure what exactly went on while Guy and I were out celebrating our 14th anniversary. We had a wonderful romantic dinner at the Downriver grill and talked about how amazing our life has turned out. We talked about how fast the kids were growing up and getting so MATURE. Little did we know what they were up to at home.

This is one of about 45 pictures that they took of themselves while we were away. I am so happy that they can have fun together. Most of the time is seems like they just are trying to see who can drive the other crazy first. In this photo it seems to look like they both went a bit loony.

Sadly, Hayden's volleyball tournament didn't turn out very well. They lost their first game and were out of the running. The good thing was that we were able to see Mackenzie Clegg play her last soccer game of the season. They took first place, it was such a beautiful Fall day. Thanks Keck for inviting us!

Here is the pink glittery girl again.