Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sadies Dance

Hayden and a group of friends went to the Sadies Dance last night. They spent the afternoon getting their hair done, giggling, and in the end looked marvelous. The moms fixed them dinner and we took a lot of pictures of them. It was a masquerade ball and they all had to wear masks. It is pretty tricky to catch the girls with real smiles because they usually are being goofy! The only bad part of the evening is that Hayden ended up with the flu and we had to pick her up early. Poor thing! I think she spent most of the dance in the bathroom with her sweet friends bringing her water and 7-Up.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Francisco Baseball Trip- Sept. 2009

Our 2nd annual baseball trip was a huge success. Last year we went with the Chaffin's to Wrigley Field and loved visiting Chicago. This year we traveled to San Francisco to AT&T park and watched the Giants play the Cubs. Last year at our schools auction we bid on this trip. It included lunch with Jeremy Afeldt a NWC alumn who is a relief pitcher for the Giants. After lunch he took us on the FIELD! It was so cool...I even had butterflies in my stomach. His wife and son we there as well and we enjoyed getting to know them.
Our trip was jam packed with sightseeing and loads of fun. Next year I think we are planning to go to San Diego. Great friends and awesome trips!

2009-2010 yearbook photo's