Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uncle Billy's smile

Cooper and Uncle Billy at Sarah and Derek's wedding.
Uncle Billy and Pete

Guy and Uncle Billy...I love that they are holding hands.

Uncle Billy and Cooper....check out Coop's dirty feet!

Hayden and Uncle Billy.

Guy with his Aunt and Uncles.

Uncle Billy with Hayden and Cooper. I told you he had the best smile!

Today was the day that God decided he was ready for Uncle Billy. Thankfully Papa was able to get on a flight and see him on his last day. Of course he gave Papa that smile as he walked into his hospital room, the smile that I will always remember. I don't think I have ever seen him without a smile.....he was that kind of guy. Now he is up in Heaven with a new body that doesn't hurt and he moves as freely as he did when he was young. Him and his nephew Rob can wrestle, laugh, and watch over us until we get the pleasure of joining them. My heart is sad...this has been a tough year for the Smith clan. If you are reading this I ask that you please say a prayer for all the Smith family. Much love to you all.